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We assist aircraft operators and pilots in obtaining permits, creating routes, arranging fuel and coordinating with airports to fly to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan & Mongolia

Our Services

If you are planning flights to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Mongolia, we will arrange:

  • Entry/overflight/landing permits

  • Fuel Avgas 100LL or Jet A-1

  • VFR or IFR routes optimisation

  • Ground handling

  • Flight planning

  • Flight plans filing and tracking

  • H24 support while flight is in progress

  • Contingency planning

  • Alternates and diversion handling

  • Polar operations support

  • Visa support 

Permits, clearances, PPRs and slots may be obtained for any fixed wing aircraft (including piston, ultralights and microlights) and helicopters

Whether you are a private pilot or an aviation tourists group, a ferry operator, an earthrounder, an air rally participant or attempting a record, we will make it easy for you

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Our Guidelines

Notes on your Russia-bound flight:

  • VFR flights are allowed on any desired altitude (some restrictions apply). Contrary to popular belief it is not mandatory to fly IFR

  • There are 78 international airports in Russia. International means “open to foreign aircraft”. Should you wish to land in a national airport, a special permit will be required

  • Only few airports are slot controlled

  • Landing is allowed (restrictions apply) at controlled domestic airports where English ATC is provided

  • Landing is allowed at uncontrolled airfields

  • VFR flights are possible to almost any destination on any aircraft

  • Lack of Avgas at many international airports is not a factor as landing is permitted where fuel is available

  • Escort navigator normally is not required

  • Visa is needed. Exception: one single tech stop

  • E-visa is being gradually introduced simplifying entry formalities

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Wherever you come from, wherever you want to go in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Mongolia, we can arrange your landing or overflight permits, fuel and flight planning

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