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Looking to embark on a long journey into unknown but not sure where to start? Need help planning your next flight? Let us guide you to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan & Mongolia

Useful hints to make your trip smooth and enjoyable


  • ​Set up your schedule with dates and times

  • Choose an airport of entry. All international airports in Russia (currently 78) are airports of entry. Passport and customs control will be there upon arrival

  • Choose your destination or multiple destinations in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan or Mongolia. While many controlled domestic airports provide English ATS and foreign aircraft are permitted to land there, few others do not have English speaking controllers and foreign aircraft are not allowed there

  • Landing is allowed at any uncontrolled airfield. And there are lots of them across Russia

  • Contrary to popular belief VFR is allowed on any safe altitude (some restrictions apply)

  • Plan your routing between airports. Some airways are not open for international traffic, try avoiding them

  • Local flights are possible around select airfields

  • Choose airport of exit on your way from Russia. Farewell passport and customs control are usually fast and simple


  • Avgas/mogas are available at select international (entry) airports and at many smaller private airfields

  • Jet A-1 is available at all international airports and at many domestic airfields


  • CAA will grant a permit upon presenting your itinerary and aircraft documents

  • PPRs are not mandatory, but it is a good practice to have them to assure you are being waited for

  • Slots are mandatory only in slot-coordinated airports UUEE, UUWW, ULLI, and URSS. You will hardly opt to land there

Flight Plans

  • They are compulsory for every flight you make to, inside and out of Russia

  • Same is true for Belarus, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

  • If correctly filed they are usually accepted by authorities within an hour

  • Many apps you use for flight planning are capable to file FPLs in Russia


  • You are not required to speak Russian, English will do 

  • If you speak Russian, we encourage you to do so, controllers will be happy

Entry Formalities

  • Simple tourist visa is needed for crew and passengers

  • Exception: one single tech stop not leaving airside (eg. fuel stop), 3-4 hours maximum

  • E-visas valid 8 days are available for Kaliningrad (UMKK), Saint-Petersburg (ULLI) and Far East provinces (entry via UIUU, UIAA, UHBB, UHHH, UHWW, UHSS, UHMA, UHPP)

  • E-visas valid for 16 days and for the whole territory of Russia are available from February 4th, 2021 for citizens of 52 countries


Much of the above applies to Belarus except that:

  • There are 6 international airpots, only few are H24 

  • Minsk UMMS is H24 and provides PPRs for GA aircraft on a case-by-case basis

  • Avgas is available in other 5 airports

  • If you fly to Russia through Belarus, separate Belarus overflight or landing permit is required

  • Crew members are exempt from visa requirement for up 14 days stay


Much of the above applies to Kazakhstan except that:

  • Foreign aircraft may land at domestic airports 

  • Avgas is available in select airports

  • If you fly to Russia through Kazakhstan, separate Kazakhstan landing permit is required. Overflight permits are not required

  • Crew members are exempt from visa requirements. Crew ID must be presented and GenDec completed


Much of the above applies to Mongolia except that:

  • Foreign aircraft may land at domestic airports 

  • Avgas is available in the capital only

  • If you fly to Russia through Mongolia, a separate overflight or landing permit is required

  • Crew members are not exempt from visa requirements

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