Know Where to Land: Western Entry Port UMKK Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad airport UMKK is the only entry airport in the Kaliningrad exclave Province on the uttermost west of Russia. It is surrounded by Lithuania, Poland and Belarus and is completely detached from the mainland Russia. The airport is just 25 km north from the province capital city centre, on the shores of the Curonian Bay and near the famous Curonian Spit. If you are traveling across western Europe, Kaliningrad is a great place to stop by, explore former Königsberg archit

Know Where to Land: Lugovskoye, Perm'

N57.98908° E055.70499° One of the most convenient and friendly airfields for those about to cross Ural Mountains via city of Perm' is the Lugovskoye airfield. Situated just 30 km west of the city, it has grass runway 800 m (2400') long and 40 m wide, as well as shorter hard runway 400 m (1200') long and 30 m wide. Open air parking stands are available for short and long term stay. Avgas 100LL, and mogas are normally offered for uplift all year round, 7 days a week. There is a

Know Where to Land: North-western Entry Port ULPB Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk airport ULPB is the only entry airport of the Karelia Province on the north-west of Russia. It is situated only 17 km from the province capital city Petrozavodsk and very close to the Finnish border, making it ideal entry port for flights to and from Scandinavia. Beautiful Lake Onega is only 5 minutes drive nearby. If you are traveling from Northern Europe, it is an excellent port of first landing, from here you may continue your trip to St. Petersbourg, Moscow o

Know Where to Land: Chernoe XUMH

N55.760300° E038.063568° Chernoe airfield is the closest GA-friendly airstrip to Moscow. It’s only 15 km from Moscow Circle Road. Crews can reach the Russian capital within 30-40 minutes after landing at the airfield by any means of transport. The runway 17-35 is 900 m (3000') long and 65 m wide. For taxiing a hard taxiway 120 m long, 60 m wide is used. Parking stands are provided on the apron, while helicopters may be stored in hangars. Hangars (15*15 m) are actually suitab

Know Where to Land: Myachkovo UUBM

N55.56073° E037.98362° One of the most convenient and friendly airfields for those about to visit Moscow, Myachkovo airdrome is located 16 kilometers south-east of Moscow near the M-5 highway on the outskirts of the Verkhneye Myachkovo village and is a true general aviation epicenter. The hard runway 1400 m (4200') long and 35 m wide, ready for H24 aircraft landing with take-off weight up to 25 tons. Gravel and asphalt parking stands, hangars and other amenities are offered f

Know Where to Land: Western Entry Port with Avgas ULOO Pskov

The westernmost airport of entry in Russia is ULOO Pskov, situated just 20 nm from the Estonian border near picturesque Pikhva and Peipus Lakes. The airport is very friendly to general aviation being very quiet with very few commercial flights and attention to servicing light aircraft. Operator staff is proficient in English, controllers are friendly and supportive, fees are not high. Avgas B91/115 is supplied by the airport fueler by bowser and meter. This fuel grade is suit

Know Where to Land: Konakovo UUEL

A lovely and very friendly airfield to land for refueling and rest not very far from Moscow is Konakovo UUEL. It’s located 100 km northwest of Moscow. If you fly helicopter it is a-must-visit airfield as it is the International Academy of Helicopter Sport homebase and you have a chance to see or even take part in helicopter competitions. If you fly a fixed-wing you are always welcome as well: there is a 2000 feet asphalt runway. Landing is possible from sunrise to sunset seve

Know Where to Land: Orlovka UUTO

Distance from St. Petersburg on the Russian north-western border to Moscow, lying deeper south-east, is about 380 nm. That is long enough for those about to make it in one hop. Right on the track to Moscow there is a popular airfield Orlovka UUTO (N5609 E03459). With it's 2700 feet hard runway, lights in the night and all types of fuel - Avgas100LL, mogas and Jet A-1, this airfield is often used both for quick refuelling stop and for a more leisurely overnight stay. Actively