Czech pilot flew through Russia with his Dynamic WT9

Czech pilot Pruša Jiří flew through Russia with his Dynamic WT9.

«I was lucky to be able to fly the expedition Russia 2019 exactly according to the original plan. This mainly thanks to the good weather which allowed me to fly every day. In total I flew 53 flight hours and covered a distance of over 10000 kilometres. The expedition was great and helped me remove partly the lid which had been hanging over the subject of flying VFR in Russia»

Jiri is an experienced pilot, publisher of Flying Revue flight magazine in Czech Republic. He has already visited many continents - New Zealand, USA, Faroe Islands, Australia and many European countries.

His route was very lengthy and untypical - Jiri crossed the border, visited Seredka (ULOR) and Orlovka (UUTO) airfields, flew over Moscow, landed at Moscow Myachkovo (UUBM).

Further route was to Cheboksary (UWKS) – Ekaterinburg Koltsovo (USSS) – Ufa Pervushino (UWUO).

Then there were landings and fuel at Kazan (UWTK), Samara (UWWQ), Saratov (UWSX), Volgograd International (URWW), Volgodonsk (Potapov), Piatigorsk (Yutsa) and Krasnodar International (URKK)!

«International flights in a sport aircraft offer fantastic opportunities to see the world differently. I want to share this experience with anyone who has the same passion. That is the main reason why we have developed this portal in which you can find aerial photos and videos of places in Europe, Africa, New Zealand etc»

Jiri says all the people he has met at the small airports have been very friendly and helpful. Now Russia 2019 Expedition is over and it was great!

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